Institute for Employment Research (IAB)

The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) is a special office of the Federal Employment Agency (BA). The IAB conducts research on the labour market in order to advise political actors at all levels.

The research of the IAB focuses on labour market policy, regional and international labour markets, macroeconomic labour market research, establishments in the labour market, and life chances and social inquality.

A large part of the institute‘s findings is based on own comprehensive surveys of establishments, individuals and households along with process data from the Federal Employment Agency. IAB is a leader in developing new methods of surveying, linking and processing data. External researchers as well have access to quality-assured sets of innovative micro data that have been prepared for scientific analysis through the Research Data Centre (FDZ) of the Federal Employment Agency at IAB.

Important Work and Services:

  • The IAB investigates current issues in the area of economics and sociology of education and makes the research results available to the community of researchers as well as to the general public.
  • Based on its research results, the IAB contributes to the decision and legislative procedures in the field of labour market policy.
  • With its own surveys as well as with the process data from the BA the IAB provides important datasets, which can be used as the basis for studies in a wide range of scientific disciplines.

Alliance Projects