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The associated partner “Centre for International Student Assessment (ZIB) e.V.” at the TUM School of Education at Technical University of Munich conducts educational research in large scale assessments together with two Leibniz associated partners: DIPF – Leibniz Insitute für Research and Information in Education and Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education at Kiel University (IPN). ZIB is particularly in charge of the national coordination and implementation of PISA as well as developing and enhancing PISA with innovative methods, research questions, and instruments. ZIB is an affiliated institute of the Technical University of Munich and funded by the German federation and the federal states.

Important Work and Services:

  • ZIB is responsible for the national coordination and implementation of PISA and is furthermore involved in its international development.
  • Research at ZIB focuses significantly on three fields: Educational Monitoring, School and Teaching Research, Methodology Research.
  • ZIB supports young researchers in international student assessments especially with method workshops and junior researcher academies.

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