Necessary further development of the education system in Germany requires a detailed and precise knowledge of fields of action and of reality. To enable targeted decisions, suitable information must be made available to different degrees of aggregation, at the systemic, institutional, and individual level. Referencing, usability, and findability of information on the education system play a key role. Besides general information concerning the situation of education, research data and their analysis in particular have gained significance. A systematic and scientifically grounded determination of results in the education system is of key interest to invoke possible changes and reform measures in the education system. Indicator-based procedures are thus implemented, allowing for educational reporting at national, regional, and municipal level. In Germany too, the relevance and power of research data ascertained for education has led to more evidence-based educational governance. In the field of research data the LERN network cooperates closely with “Verbund Forschungsdaten Bildung” (Alliance for Research Education Data).