The network sees the transfer of knowledge as one of its central tasks.

Exchange & Consultation

The network members maintain a dialog and constant exchange with decision-makers in education policy and education administration, with foundations, quality agencies and school inspectorates, with school administrators, teachers and parents as well as with pupils and other education practitioners and the interested public in general.

The network’s transfer activities include …


for the exchange of educational research, policy, administration, practice and interested members of the public.
This includes the Annual Fora on Education Policy, discussions with political decision-makers, participation in conferences and attendance at other events to make the network visible (e.g. Digital Day)

  • Annual Fora on Education Policy
  • Expert Talks
  • Further Events


to make the results of educational research visible.
Previously published: “Das Bildungwesen in Deutschland (2019) and the anthology “Wissensmobilisierung und Transfer in der Fluchtforschung. Kommunikation, Beratung und gemeinsames Forschungshandeln” (2020) as well as position papers on various focal points of the network.

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