Early Childhood Education

Within the LERN-Network experts synergized to the Leibniz Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Education and linked to colleagues of further university research institutes.

The Center of Excellence explores the developmental processes of children during the first eight years of life and the support they receive from family and institutional learning environments. The research program also focuses on questions concerning professional d...

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Socio-emotional skills

In the competence center "Socio-emotional abilities in the educational context", the relevance of socio-emotional and self-regulatory abilities for educational success and life success is researched from an interdisciplinary perspective. Socio-emotional and self-regulatory abilities are summarily defined as personality traits (such as conscientiousness), preferences (time preference, risk attitude, confidence), and motivational variables (such as subject-specific or vocational interests).&n...

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Museum Education

The Leibniz Centre of Excellence for Museum Education brings together the eight Research Museums of the Leibniz Association with four educational research institutes in the Leibniz Education Research Network and the Technical University of Munich. The Centre aims to advance visitor research and empirical educational research on museums as informal learning spac...

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Working group Digital Education

The increasing digitalization effects numerous challenges in education. Methods and contents of knowledge process are changing.

How could teachers and learners tap the full potential of digital media? How can we broaden the utilization of digital media? And which conditions and competences do users need?

The LERN-Network focuses on a wide range of research projects in the field of digi...

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