Early Childhood Education

Within the LERN-Network experts synergized to the Leibniz Center of Excellence for Early Childhood Education and linked to colleagues of further university research institutes.

The Center of Excellence explores the developmental processes of children during the first eight years of life and the support they receive from family and institutional learning environments. The research program also focuses on questions concerning professional development of staff and the quality of learning opportunities in early childhood education.

The center’s work focuses on intervention studies which examine the effects of preschool education on development in subsequent educational stages. Specific focus is also put on linking preschool and primary school programs.

The Center’s business and coordination was conducted through the IPN – Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education in Kiel until spring 2021. From March 2021 the coordination will take place on the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) in Bamberg.

Early childhood education from the network

Research themes in the LERN-Network
  • Early educational processes
  • Interaction quality
  • Professional development
Research projects in the LERN-Network et al.
  • Development contexts:
    What are the relationships between general cognitive abilities and domain-specific competences?
  • Early childhood science education:
    How do early science skills develop?
  • Acquisition of knowledge in geometry:
    How do basic competencies in geometry develop?
Experts in the LERN-Network
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  • Coordination: Dr. Jessica Willard (LIfBi)
  • Dr. Manja Attig (LIfBi)
  • Prof. Dr. Marcus Hasselhorn (DIPF)
  • Prof. Dr. Aiso Heinze (IPN)
  • Prof. Dr. Olaf Köller (IPN)
  • Prof. Dr. Anke Lindmeier (IPN)
  • Prof. Dr. Ilka Wolter (LIfBi)