Leibniz-Institut for the German Language (IDS)

The Leibniz Institute for the German Language (IDS) is the leading international scientific centre for the research and documentation of the German language. Our research and theoretical modelling of the diversity of linguistic manifestations, their structure and use, are based on empirical methods and are documented by reference works (including (comparative) grammars and dictionaries) as well as highly diversified language resources (especially corpora and information systems).

The IDS is a leading provider of sustainable research infrastructures that are of central importance and benefit to the entire professional community. With our research results and documentation services, we provide scientifically-based support and advice to politics and society on issues of standardization, language policy and language education, and actively participates in public debates on language-related topics. In doing so, we convey a scientifically sound picture of language that emphasizes the diversity and variance of linguistic manifestations, and we are aware of our linguistic cultural responsibility.

We are partners of scientific institutions in the region, in the state od Baden-Württemberg, within Germany, as well as in the entire German-speaking and international area, and network at all these levels. For international German linguistics, we act as a central hub; on an international level, we cooperate with partners in the fields of linguistics and the humanities. As part of the Leibniz Association, we contribute to the achievement of overarching goals of the Association and cooperate with other member institutions. In terms of science diplomacy, we are committed to international scientific exchange based on Leibniz’s ideals.