German Data Forum


The German Data Forum is an independent advisory council to the federal government.

Target Group

  • Empirical researchers particularly in social, behavioral, and economic sciences
  • Politics
  • Research Data Centers
  • Data producers


Improve access to high-quality data for scientific research particularly in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences as well as improving its international competitiveness.

Theme Focus

  • Exchange and mediation between the interests of data producers and research data users, particularly in fields of social, behavioral, and economic sciences
  • Initiating and establishing standards for the collection, storage, provision, and quality of research data
  • Promoting the secondary use of research data


  • Recommendations on further improving the data infrastructure
  • Accrediting and evaluating research data centers
  • Advising science and policy
  • Monitoring legal and technological developments
  • Conference for Social and Economic Data fostering scholarly and strategic debates  

Funding Organizations

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

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