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With the portal, Verbund Forschungsdaten Bildung (VerbundFDB) offers a central point of contact for educational researchers who are looking for research data or would like to share their own research data with third parties. At, researchers can find information on research data management issues such as “How do I create informed consent?” or “What do I need to consider when organizing my data?”. The offer includes training courses, webinars, podcasts and advice on project-specific questions.

VerbundFDB works in close partnership with KonsortSWD and the National Research Data Infrastructure NFDI.

Target Group

Empirical educational researchers who want to reuse research data, share data they have collected themselves with other researchers or obtain information and advice on research data management.


Research data centers and institutions from the field of educational research have joined forces in theFDB network. Together, they provide an attractive and high-quality range of research data for empirical educational research. With its services, VerbundFDB helps to fully exploit the potential of research data and establish a culture of data sharing.

Theme Focus

Research data infrastructure for empirical educational research.


Researchers receive the following services via

  • Find and use research data and instruments: Researchers can use a central search to look for data from qualitative and quantitative studies from various research data centers. They can use these for their own projects or in teaching.
  • Sharing research data: VerbundFDB offers researchers the opportunity to share their own research data and instruments. These are made available to other researchers for reuse under controlled conditions and in compliance with legal and ethical requirements.
  • Research data management services: VerbundFDB offers information, handouts and training on research data management topics. The “Stamp” – a compact collection of templates, checklists and case studies – supports the planning, implementation and documentation of research data management. Researchers can discuss their project-specific questions in more detail in individual consultations.

In addition, VerbundFDB offers the participating research data centers and institutions a forum for regular exchange and cooperation.

Funding Organizations

The coordination office of the VerbundFDB has been permanently based at the DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education since 2022 and is funded by the federal and state governments

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