Berlin Interdisciplinary Alliance for Multilingualism


BIVEM is a nationwide network that offers scientists and practitioners from the fields of multilingualism, language acquisition, language support and language diagnostics a platform for exchange of experiences and encounters. This enables a transfer between science and practice. At the same time, joint initiatives are launched with cooperation partners, various activities are carried out and continuous fundamental research in the field of multilingualism is conducted.

Target group

Scientists, experts and practitioners from the fields of multilingualism, language acquisition, language promotion and language diagnostics.


  • Exchange of ideas and sustainable networking of scientific and educational institutes to promote mutual transfer of knowledge
  • Implementation of research findings in language acquisition and language support in practice, especially in preschool and primary school education

Thematic focus

Exploration of basic concepts of bilingual language acquisition in children with different native languages, examination of the effectiveness of various language support methods as well as of children’s reading and writing skills in primary school in relation to preschool language development.


  • Fundamental research with the BIVEM study on language support measures and language development in bilingual children of preschool and primary school age
  • Regular meetings with discussions and talks on scientific and socially relevant topics
  • Workshops and training courses on language acquisition and language support 
  • Flyer series ‘Science for Life’ on topics related to multilingualism
  • Participation in and organization of events and conferences
  • Counselling on multilingual education for parents, pedagogical professionals, institutions, and policy makers

Funding Organizations

Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Technologie und Forschung, Berlin (01.10.2011 – 30.09.2016), thereafter carried on without funding at ZAS

Network Partners