Doctoral Program at DIPF


The DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education delivers empirical educational research, digital infrastructure and targeted knowledge transfer, thus contributing to coping with challenges in education. All of the departments at DIPF offer the opportunity to conduct doctoral studies. Generally, a doctoral thesis is written in close relation to a project.

Target Group

Interdisciplinary doctoral students at DIPF with various backgrounds including Psychology, Educational Science, Information Science, History of Education, Sociology, and Computer Science


Systematic supervision and training and to foster co-operation and practice scholarly communication

Theme Focus

Educational Research and Educational Information


  • PhDIPF-Seminar – In their first year, PhD students are taking part in the PhDIPF seminar that introduces various aspects of scientific practice including ethics guidelines, literature reviews, publication strategies as well as an overview of different research methods. The seminar also covers ongoing research at DIPF.
  • PhDIPF-Academy – At the annual PhDIPF-Academy, PhD students at DIPF present their ongoing research to internal and invited experts from educational research. PhDIPF Academies are held in English. Traditionally, the retreat takes place at a venue in the vicinity of Frankfurt.
  • The PhDIPF program offers individual training workshops for PhD students on demand.

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