ifo Doctoral Programme

The ifo Institute is an attractive employer. Economists engaged in policy-oriented research find here ideal conditions to achieve academic excellence. It also offers attractive opportunities for staff to learn and assume responsibility in the non-research departments.

Target Group

Doctoral students in economics


As part of its academic economic research, the Ifo Institute is deeply committed to training highly qualified junior researchers. It works closely with the University of Munich (LMU) in the field of doctoral level training. The supervisors of the doctorates are department heads at an ifo center, who are also professors at the Faculty of Economics of the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) in Munich. Doctoral students benefit twice: they attend the courses of the Graduate Program at the Munich Graduate School of Economics (MGSE) and take part in the regular lunchtime seminars of the Center for Economic Studies (CES) and the ifo Institute.


  • The ifo Institute specifically promotes the development of econometric fundamentals among its doctoral students. They attend courses on this topic at the university and make use of special continuing education courses offered by the ifo Institute, which also include intensive seminars with internationally recognized econometricians.
  • Doctoral students are allowed to present their research results internationally. Under the guidance of experienced scientists of the CESifo Group, they apply for lectures at international scientific conferences and achieve successful publications in recognized peer-reviewed journals.
  • The ifo Institute involves doctoral students in empirical economic research projects at an early stage. Within this framework, they also acquire skills in project management, presentation and moderation.
  • Due to the large CESifo network and thus the presence of guest researchers in the ifo Centers, doctoral students can form networks that serve both their professional progress within the doctoral period and the continuation of their career outside the ifo Institute.

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