College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research


The College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research (CIDER) is an interdisciplinary network of post-doctoral educational researchers. CIDER combines the following academic disciplines: Sociology, economics, psychology, and educational science. The College has been established in November 2012 by six research institutions of the Leibniz Association (WZB, DIPF, DIW, GESIS, IPN, ZEW). The first and second cohorts were coordinated by the WZB under the direction of Prof. Heike Solga. In 2019, the funding of the BMBF ended and the coordination of CIDER III – with ongoning funding of the Jacobs Foundation – is now part of the LERN-coordination located at DIPF.

The College is a project that aims at supporting early Postdoc researchers with the development of their own projects in the field of interdisciplinary educational research. Its major goals are the promotion of the early independence of excellent young researchers who recently completed their PhDs, and the advancement of interdisciplinary educational research in a life course perspective. The fourth scholarship phase runs from 2024 to 2026.

Target Group

Early postdoc researchers from sociology, economics, psychology, and educational science who are engaged in empirical educational research.


  • Promotion and improvement of interdisciplinary educational research of young researchers at the postdoctoral level
  • Joint research activities among participating (senior and junior) researchers
  • The establishment of an interdisciplinary educational research network of researchers working at Leibniz Institutes and universities
  • An increased scholarly awareness of “public science”

Theme Focus

  • Educational inequality and success against the odds
  • Competence development as an educational and social process
  • (Monetary and non-monetary) returns to education


  • Workshops on theories and methods of key disciplines in educational research
  • Funding of interdisciplinary projects developed by the participating researchers
  • “Public science” activities
  • Soft Skill workshop
  • Research visits abroad
  • Mentoring
  • Conferences

Funding Organizations

  • Jacobs Foundation
  • Leibniz-Education Research Network (LERN)
  • Participating Leibniz institutes

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