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LEAD Graduate School & Research Network

LEAD (Learning, Educational Achievement, and Life Course Development) is an international, interdisciplinary research and graduate program with a focus on empirical educational research.

Target Group

Within LEAD, more than 100 researchers from various research fields collaborate: Biology, Computer Sciences, Economics, Education Sciences, Empirical Educational Research, Language and Linguistics, Mathematics, Physics, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychology, Sociology, and Sport Sciences.


Our mission is to achieve cutting-edge research in an interdisciplinary context, to contribute to the evidence-based approach in educational policy by securing empirical data on “what works” in education, to train highly qualified experts for research and practice, and to find answers to some of the most challenging questions in education.

LEAD also aims at contributing to the relevance and responsibility of educational research by further developing existing structures in this research area.

Theme Focus

With an innovative and interdisciplinary approach and in close cooperation, doctoral students, postdocs, and professors within LEAD focus on key questions on teaching and learning, which are equally relevant for science and practice.


Funding Organizations

Funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden-Württemberg as part of the sustainable financing of the projects of the Excellence Initiative II

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