Research Library for the History of Education at DIPF

BBF Scholarship Program

Twice a year the scholarship of the BBF | Research Library for the History of Education at DIPF offers PhD fellows the opportunity to do their research at the BBF for using the existing library and archive inventories.

Target Group

PhD fellows, young researchers, and advanced students (only in exceptional cases)


  • Offering visiting research fellowships for the library and archival materials of the BBF in Berlin
  • Promoting young researchers in the history of education  

Theme Focus

  • History of education in Germany and its international contexts
  • Special focus on social and cultural aspects of the history of schools and other educational institutions in the 19. and 20. century as well as the history of educational discourses or rather epistemological premises.


  • International focused forum on scientifically discussions as a platform for young researchers to connect and network.
  • Personal counselling in scientific matters by an associate.

Network Partners