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The Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg Eckert Institute (GEI) conducts research into the production, content and appropriation of educational media for schools in its socio-cultural, political, economic and historical contexts. Furthermore it provides transfer services based on critical research for application in national and international education practice, educational media production and education policy.

Target Group

Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in the range of disciplines covered by textbook and educational media research (history, political science, education science, media and cultural studies, islamic studies, ethnology)


The GEI‘s postgraduates and early career scholars work on research or knowledge transfer projects and are actively engaged by the GEI in institutional development processes by being assigned organisational tasks and by participating in various internal committees. Studentship programs offered in conjunction with other academic institutions across the globe enable early career scholars at the GEI to gain international research experience. Early career researchers are supported in balancing institutional tasks with their research by being given the opportunity to arrange intense research phases during which office attendance requirements are temporarily lifted. The GEI’s early career academics collectively hold and independently manage an annual budget.

Theme Focus

Research into and relevant to textbooks and educational media, including all disciplines relevant to research in this specific field; informed primarily by history and cultural studies on topics such as digital media, migration, diversity, memory, conflict and crisis etc.


  • Early Career Forum: The GEI’s early career scholars maintain a forum for the discussion of organisational issues. The forum meets monthly. It elects the Institute’s early-career representatives, organises projects and makes decisions on support and training for this group of academics.
  • Early Career Colloqiuium: Early career scholars benefit from a regular colloquium and the opportunity it provides to raise issues around educational media research. The spectrum of topics discussed at the colloquium is broad, ranging from theoretical and methodological matters to the presentation of initial findings from research theses.
  • Winter School: The early career researchers at the institute hold an annual three-day Winter School aimed at encouraging interaction and networking among the institute’s junior academic staff and enabling them to discuss their work, theories and methodological issues related to their research projects. It provides a space apart from the day-to-day business of the Institute for thorough discussion of matters of relevance or interest to this group of academics.
  • International Summer School: The International Summer School organised jointly by the institute and its early career scholars aims to bring eminent specialists in educational media research together with upcoming academics in the field for discussion and communication.
  • Networks within the Leibniz Association: The active involvement of early career scholars from the GEI in measures organised by the Leibniz Association for the support of new academics, such as the Leibniz Mentoring program, the Leibniz-Kolleg and the Leibniz PhD Network, enables this group of academics to form working relationships with other doctoral and postdoctoral researchers within the Association.

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