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The OER information centre offers a thematically specific online platform that provides the public at large and specialized target groups with comprehensive information regarding Open Educational Resources. Moreover, OERinfo will deliver the current state of art to practitioners, host information on best-practice examples, and reflect the diversity of existing initiatives.

A comprehensive knowledge base was thus constructed, offering edited thematic dossiers and systematically structured collections of information, with an enhanced scope, owing to integrated multimedia formats (e.g. podcasts, videos, didactically processed online modules) and communication platforms that are enriched by social media applications. Moreover, the project targeted the support of collaboration and networking among different OER actors and initiatives by offering suitable communication instruments, accompanying workshops and public relations work of the OER information centre.

In the second phase of the project (since November 2018), the focus of the further development and differentiation of the web platform was mainly on practical or application-oriented issues in the context of didactic-teaching use of freely licensed (digital) educational media. The active implementation of the OER paradigm in education and training should be further supported by workshops, training courses, and digital tools.

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Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


11/2016 - 02/2028

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