Collection of Methods for Language-Sensitive Subject Teaching

The goal of the project was the development of an online tool meant for future and already qualified teachers of all subjects and school forms. It enabled the search and download of free pedagogical-methodical suggestions for language-sensitive lessons. The accompanying instructions did not contain just a description of the methods, but also variation possibilities and indications for incorporating multilingualism in the lessons.

The users of the online tool may filter the methods according to the linguistic competence area and the speech act that are to be supported, the age group of the pupils, the time frame, and the social form of the planned teaching unit. Based on the entered criteria, the tool presented either a larger collection of recommended methods, a smaller one or no results.

The tool is available on the website of the MI.

The project related to the preliminary work done by the DIE, where an application for course planning was developed in the context of advanced training. The experience gathered there will be used for enabling students and teachers the access to a low-threshold collection of methods for planning language-sensitive lessons.

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01/2017 - 12/2019

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