Transfer of education through language and promotion of language and reading skills


BiSS-Transfer is a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the federal states. It has been built for the transfer of education through language and promotion of language and reading skills in schools and kindergarten. BiSS-Transfer continues the work of the initiative „Education through language and writing (BiSS).

From 2020 to 2025, the program’s thematic emphases is on the subject fields of language education, promotion of reading and writing skills, language integration in subject teaching and German as second language to be a part of school- und class development. An essential element is the qualification of multipliers, teachers and professional educational staff. 

BiSS-Transfer consists of two parts. On the one hand the federal states participate with up to 90 school- and kindergarten networks that already have their own project plans of transferring successful concepts in other schools e.g. to promote reading and German as a second language. On the other hand a scientific network of researchers investigates the factors of a successful transfer of effective promotion concepts on a broader scale. (Research Network BiSS-Transfer)

The federal states will be supported in the implementation of the transfer project by a transfer consortium. Its members are the MI, DIPF and the IQB in cooperation with the Humboldt-University in Berlin. The consortium provides a full range of offers and services to all the networks teachers and educational staff as well as to all further ministry members, the federal departments and training institutes. Due to that the DIPF takes the responsibility for a tool databank that offers more than 100 training tools for diagnosis, promotion and professionalisation in the field of language education. All training tools are based on scientific criteria. Among others, the MI creates a Blended-Learning-Training and qualifies multipliers, teachers and educational staff.

The survey and evaluation of successful transfer criteria is undertaken by a research-network, called BiSS-Transfer, which has been built by the consortium, further experts and other universities. The research-network works multidisciplinary on the basis of different thematic focuses such as language learning in professional contexts or the use of VERA 8-results in class. 

Network Partners