The power of reading (elementary schools)

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The aim of the project “The Power of Reading – Elementary Schools” are

  • early recognition of children with difficulties in acquiring written language
  • deriving individual support based on diagnostic findings
  • documentation of learning development for working with parents and defining an educational plan with specialists
  • prevention of reading and spelling difficulties

For this purpose, the MI, together with the IPN and the Institute for Quality Development in Schools in Schleswig-Holstein (IQSH) in cooperation with the Cornelsen-Publishing House, is developing a two-part work material combined in a student- and teacher-booklet for diagnosing and supporting of reading and writing skills in elementary schools. The participating teachers are prepared for the implementation of the individual milestones in regular regional training events, the derived support measures are discussed and experiences are exchanged.

Starting in the 2018/19 school year, “Lesen macht stark” launched in first grade with a training concept that complements the diagnostic material. The Mercator Institute is providing scientific advice on the development of the materials for the remedial training and is accompanying its introduction in the schools by researching the implementation conditions. It investigates the conditions under which teachers accept the training program and whether they use the material in accordance with the concept. 

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Institut für Qualitätsentwicklung an Schulen Schleswig-Holstein (IQSH), Mercator-Institute for Literacy and Language Education


01/2012 - 04/2021

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