Digital Formative Assessment


The goal of the DiFA project is to combine methodological perspectives from the fields of psychometrics and learning analytics to support learners through automated feedback. Using digital trace data in online courses, DiFA will develop new forms of non-invasive measurement (so-called “stealth assessment”) and explore the possibilities of automated feedback that supports learning. The research results are significant for a better understanding of learning behavior and outcomes, as well as for the automated provision of individualized feedback to learners in digital environments.

Data will be collected from a specially developed online course for student teachers on digital literacy. Based on the data obtained from the course, automated learning support feedback will be developed in the pilot phase of the research project. The evaluation phase will then examine whether the feedback has a positive effect on students’ learning progress.

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Third-Party funded project under the Leibniz 2020 competition


04/2020 - 03/2023

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