Learning and Professional Development: Tagung der EARLI SIG 14

17.-19. November 2022
Universität Paderborn


In 2022, Paderborn University is host of the bi-annual conference of the EARLI Special Interest Group 14 “Learning and Professional Development” (SIG14). The SIG14 brings together a variety of researchers with different backgrounds that devote themselves to studying work and education as contexts for professional learning and development. Typical research topics that are covered by affiliates of EARLI SIG14 are:

Theories and methodologies for the study of professional learning and development;
constraints and affordances of professional learning and work identities;
vocational education and training in schooling and working life contexts;
learning during and through work;
adult learning processes within the context of work.

Members of the SIG14 and other scholars interested in these topics meet every two years for a designated three day conference. The first meeting took place in the year 2002, meaning that we will celebrate the conference’s 20 years anniversary in Paderborn. Coincidentally, Paderborn University will celebrate its 50 years birthday at the same time, making this a particular opportunity to both look back at what has been achieved during the years and get inspired for the next 20 or 50 years ahead of us.

For this purpose, a platform for discussion and professional exchange is provided. A range of different presentation formats including keynote lectures, thematic symposia, single paper presentations, poster presentations and others are planned during the conference.

Call for Papers