The Use of Digital Media in the compilation of education-psychological knowledge of teachers from variable fields of education


What defines a good teacher? Not only is this the topic of the study but it is also a frequent matter of public debate. As of yet educational research lacks a clear theoretical concept and an instrument derived therefrom which renders educational and psychological knowledge empirically accessible.

This was the starting point of the ThinK research program which, devided into three sub-projects, pursued the following questions:

  • How can educational psychological knowledge be conceptualized?
  • How can it be captured reliably, validly and economically with the help of digital media?
  • How significant is this knowledge for educational success?
  • How do individual groups of teachers (i.e. teachers of varying educational contexts and subjects) differ?

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Baden-Württemberg Stiftung, WissenschaftsCampus Tübingen


04/2013 - 03/2017

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