Domain Data Protocols for Empirical Educational Research


By developing publicly available, adaptive, and (re-)usable Domain Data Protocols (DDPs) that can be referenced for data management, the project aims to increase the quality of data management in the field of empirical educational research and to ensure the continued use of these research data.

The project will develop DDPs referring to the specific data type in concrete terms for all relevant aspects of research data management, including data quality, data preparation, data documentation, organizational aspects, compliance with legal requirements and the FAIR principles. It will support educational researchers by providing quality-assured and reusable data that meet all current research demands.

DDPs will enable more effective management of research funds and more efficient monitoring and evaluation processes. They will take into account different relevant assessment methods in empirical educational research, as well as guidelines for calculating costs for research data curation. The DDPs will be implemented with the Research Data Management Organiser, an open-source software for planning and carrying out research projects.

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Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


06/2019 - 05/2022

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