CIDER fellows produce a wide range of different outputs. Besides scientific publications, CIDER fellows transfer scientific knowledge through public science, organize interdisciplinary workshops for professional development, and release guidelines for orientation.


Scientific Publications

CIDER fellows’ scientific publications focus on CIDER’s three main fields of research in empirical educational research: Educational inequality and success against the odds, competence development as an educational and social process, and monetary and non-monetary returns to education.


Public Science

To raise attention for the importance of transfering scientific knowledge to the public, CIDER encourages its fellows to produce outputs for the public. The transfer activities are realized through a variety of different formats like blog entrys, articles in magazines, reports, interviews, and more.


Interdisciplinary Workshops

CIDER fellows collaborate to organize interdisciplinary workshops. These workshops are open for international early-stage reseachers and enforce interdisciplinary reflexion and discussion about central topics of empirical educational research.

Higher education and (in)equality of opportunity
(Claudia Finger, Guido Neidhöfer, Frauke Peter, Oliver Winkler)

Consequences of the G8 reform: An interdisciplinary perspective
(Sarah Dahmann, Susanne Kuger, Jan Marcus)

Cultural and linguistic diversity – Implications for teacher education and future research aims
(Aileen Edele, Vera Busse, Axinja Hachfeld, Anke Heyder, Dominique  Rauch)

Teacher Training and Wellbeing
(Fabián Barrera-Pedemonte, Janina Roloff-Bruchmann, Christian Krekel)



Based on six years of rich experiences in the organization of an interdisciplinary college, the CIDER coordination team developed helpful guidelines for the advancement of interdisciplinary research and research cooperation. These guidelines shall serve as an inspiration and deliver helpful suggestions for future initiatives. Furthermore, the coordination team formulated guidelines how to organize interdisciplinary workshops.

CIDER guidelines for interdisciplinary workshops

CIDER recommendations for interdisciplinary collaboration