The PIAAC-Leibniz-Network is an interdisciplinary association of researchers working with PIAAC data (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies).


The network aims at evaluating PIAAC measurements by locating them in the context of other measures of competence and basic cognitive skills and at testing new and alternative measures. New data are obtained using the German PIAAC longitudinal Study (PIAAC-L). Additionally, the acquisition and use of competencies is analyzed in more detail, e.g., by linking the data with administrative employment data. Furthermore, data and results will be distributed into the scientific community by a profound provision of data, by workshops on analyzing PIAAC data and by an international conference on PIAAC and PIAAC longitudinal. Knowledge transfer into politics and practice will be addressed by developing and evaluating different information formats.

Theme Focus

  • Analyzing competence acquisition and competence use; refining the PIAAC background questionnaire (Module 1 Research)
  • Distributing knowledge into the interdisciplinary research community (Module 2 Knowledge Transfer)
  • Promoting cooperation of researchers (Module 3 Networking)
  • Preparing for the next PIAAC cycle (2021/2022)

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Leibniz Association

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