Education research in Baden-Württemberg

Network on Education Research

The network on education research is encouraging the scientific education research in Baden-Württemberg. Researchers of different fields and professionals are focusing on the transition from school to vocational training.

Target Group

  • Researchers from different disciplines including Education Science, Educational Research, Sociology, Educational Economics and Vocational Education Studies
  • Early career researchers


  • To strengthen empirical education research in Baden-Württemberg
  • To build a stable, inter-disciplinary research network that creates a long-term data base on vocational training

Theme Focus

  • Individual factors on the transition from school to vocational training
  • Non-individual factors on the transition from school to vocational training
  • Effects of interventions
  • Immigration and Education
  • Foctors before vocational training or study beginning
  • Relevante factors during vocationl training / studies


  • Regular conferences for discussing early findings, new developments and trends and strengthening collaborations
  • Special conferences for early career researchers which provide a unique environment for planning and pursuing acadamic careers

Funding Organizations

Baden-Württemberg Foundation

Network Partners