DIW Graduate Center

DIW Berlin is one of the leading economic research institutes in Germany. The institute analyzes the economic and social aspects of topical issues, formulating and disseminating policy advice based on its research findings. A member of the Leibniz Association, DIW Berlin is independent and primarily publicly funded. Together with the Berlin School of Economics (BSE) DIW Berlin offers a PhD program.

Target Group

Economics (and related social sciences)


The DIW Berlin Graduate Center provides a structured doctoral program enabling outstanding young scholars from all over the world to complete a Ph.D. in four years. The Graduate Center cooperates closely with Berlin’s universities. The doctoral students take part in a demanding lecture and seminar program, work with DIW Berlin’s Research Departments, gain international experience, and learn how to advise on economic and policy issues.

Theme Focus

Empirical economic research and policy consultancy


During the first year the GC offers a high-level coursework curriculum. In the second year doctoral students will join one of the nine research departments at DIW Berlin and will be provided on-the-job training in DIW Berlin’s research projects. The third and fourth year will be devoted to the completion of the PhD thesis, while still working on research projects with the departments.

Regular seminars and workshops are offered in order to keep the doctoral students integrated into an interactive research network. Students are expected to submit their research to international conferences, publish discussion papers and write a “DIW Weekly Report”.

Additional Activities

  • Masterclasses are a series of one- or two-day courses (about once a month) on various topics in Econometrics
  • Scientific Skill Workshops

Network Partners